Is Florida Boat Insurance Required?

Did you know that there is insurance available to insure your boat?  It’s true our boats need insurance in much the same way that our vehicles do.  While our vehicles are driven on the road, we hit the open waters with our boats; both environments have hazards so we need protection. While boat owners aren’t required to purchase insurance in order to operate their boats, its recommended to purchase a policy.

How do you find Florida boat insurance other than online?  There are all kinds of insurance companies across the nation that will provide you with a policy.  Of course, you will need to find one that does business in your home state.  How do you find the best company and policy for you?  The best way to get the right policy is to request quotes at

You will need some information about yourself and boat to request a quote.  You can contact insurance companies in your area or you can find an online website that will allow you to request boat insurance in Florida from multiple companies by filling out one form and submitting it.  Often times, you will get the best results from doing the online submission for a quote, simply because the online form is less time consuming and you receive several quotes from the one submission; you aren’t spending your time trying to contact the different companies to request a quote.

Once you start to receive your Florida boat insurance quotes, you will want to compare the quotes against one another to see how the coverage options compare and the prices.  Not all companies and policies are the same, so you may also want to do a little research on your quoting companies to see how they are rated by current and former policyholders.  You are buying insurance to protect yourself and your boat, you will want to be confident in the company that you are entrusting this responsibility to.  If you read bad reviews on about a company and feel that the reviews are founded, you will probably want to steer your boat away from that policy.

After all, we use boats most often as a form of relaxation.  Peace of mind comes in knowing and trusting that things will be taken care of in the event you have a covered loss from an insurance company that has a reputation of having excellent customer service.  The last thing you want is to be hassled by your insurance company and trouble getting the protection you have paid for.  If you do your research and search for boat insurance in Florida; you will be able to find the coverage that is right for you.