Boatyard Chefs

Yard Dogs: Boatyard Chefs

The Boatyard menu, overseen by Chef Konrad Jochum of Key West, features signature items from some of Key West’s most famous restaurants and chefs and original dishes inspired by the flavors, cuisine and casual style of the islands, offers a refreshing change from the usual local fare.

Culinary Director: Chef Konrad Jochum

Konrad Jochum was born in Berlin, Germany. He grew up in his father’s butcher shop and learned to appreciate the difference quality ingredients can make. Konrad’s first experience in the kitchen was in Germany’s oldest inn, he was introduced to American cuisine in Chicago’s finest restaurants, then moved up to management with Charlie’s Crab House in Ft. Lauderdale. For 11 years, Konrad served as Executive Chef and GM of Key West’s most successful restaurants: Half Shell Raw Bar, Turtle Kraals, Alonzo’s Oyster Bar and the A&B; Lobster House. Konrad now owns his own place in the Keys, Fish Cutters, and serves as Culinary Director of the Boatyard.

Contributing Chef Doug Shook

Contributing Chef Doug Shook, of Key West’s world famous Louie’s Backyard, worked for over a year to create the Boatyard menu. Using his own well-published and often publicized recipes, along with a few treasures donated by renown Key West chefs (eg – Konrad Jochum Incredible Roast Duck Breast), Shook pulled together a menu that brings forth the best of our local Gulf Coast seafood and marries it with the lighter, island salsas and sauces.

Shook has worked at Louie’s Backyard for the past 18 years, and he has no plans to abandon his post as Culinary Director, but he has enjoyed the creative challenge of adapting his island recipes for the Gulf Coast. Shook consults weekly (often daily) with Boatyard talented chefs to tweak, update and upgrade the menu… keeping pace with the ever-changing tastes and making the most of seasonal fresh vegetables and seafood.

Doug Shook has appeared in Bon Appetit and a host of other national and regional magazines, most recently featured in a full page article in The Miami Herald for his incredible talent with fresh fish. Doug’s recipes were published this year in the Yard Sale.

Sushi Chef Dan Pettis

Born and raised on the Emerald Coast, Master Sushi Chef Dan Pettis began his career at the a summer job just before 9th grade. Like a lot of young chefs, he started at the bottom – washing dishes. Dan graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach with a perfect 4.0. He was discovered by famed sushi chef, Roy Villacrusis and spent two years studying with the master… In 2003, Dan came home, bringing his new understanding of Asian cuisine and love of Caribbean cuisine back to the Emerald Coast.

He is currently the Executive Sushi Chef for Boatyard. The qualities of an extraordinary chef are like those of a successful tightrope walker, a steadfast passion for the task, courage to go out on a limb and a perfect sense of balance. These are the qualities that make Chef Dan Pettis, one of Florida’s most promising and talented rising chefs.