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Thanks for 11 great years!
Boatyard will be back better than ever in our new location on
Grand Lagoon at Treasure Island Marina!


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The Boatyard menu, overseen by Culinary Director Konrad Jochum of Key West, features signature items from some of Key West's most famous restaurants and chefs and original dishes inspired by the flavors, cuisine and casual style of Key West, offers a refreshing change from the usual local fare.

Lunch Menu

If you have ever had the pleasure of easing down the long chain of emerald islands to Key West, Boatyard's Key West inspired lunch menu will remind you of lazy days on the historic Key West Seaport...from Conch Fritters to Key Lime Pie on a stick.

Dinner Menu

Dinner at Boatyard is "Key West casual," but with there is a noticeable touch of tropical "flair"...stunning combinations to excite the palate.

Martini Menu & Wine List

Whether you are a novice or a true wine "snob," we hope you will find something you love at a price you find palatable. If you have suggestions for expanding our wine selections, please let us know. We want to stock our considerable cellar for the tastes of our guests.

Sushi Menu

This is not your average is art on a plate - mouthwatering, edible art, skillfully created by sushi chef Dan Pettis. Boatyard's sushi is featured every Thursday through Sunday at our gorgeous glass mosaic tiled "Food Bar."

Boatyard Chefs

Culinary Director Konrad Jochum oversees the Boatyard Chef Team and keeps the specials coming! Learn more about the Boatyard Chef Team in our Chef Bios section.

Boatyard Menus
Boatyard Menus

The Boatyard menu features signature items from some of Key West's most famous restaurants and chefs. Click here for the Boatyard Menus.

Boatyard Photo Gallery
Boatyard Photo Gallery

The Yard Cam has been busy. Yard Dogs, Yard Puppies, food and more. You may even see someone you know. Click here for Boatyard Photos.

Boatyard Events
Boatyard Events

Boatyard hosts a number of terrific events every month including Little Sun Dress and more. Click here for Boatyard Event Information.

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